Soft & Warm


With Great Coverage

...It's A Shawl That Does It All



Ours is a story born of necessity!
Heidi Kagan wanted to create a collection that's designed around the idea of wearing clothing which is both stylish and versatile that you can wear from the carpool line to the cocktail party. Heidi realized she wanted a design of a wrap with armholes because all the wraps she bought from stores kept falling off and needed to always be adjusted while wearing them which made them not easy to wear. Since this design has armholes it stays on from day to night so you can just simply put it on and go. These pieces wrap you in the softest materials and in style that makes you effortlessly chic. Since we all have varying shapes and sizes, Heidi wanted a one size item so whether your size is xs or xl these cover you in all the right places which gives a slimming look. These pieces are everyday basics that will become one of your best-loved items because they are cozy, chic and come in a range of universally flattering colors.

What is so unique about our pieces is that there are so many ways to wear them. Sure, you can put them on over any outfit to add a layer of sophistication; yet you can also put them on in a different way and it completely becomes a new piece. You can wear it as a draped vest, style it as a wrap around shawl, belt it or wear it as a poncho. Send us a photo of your favorite way to wear our wrap vests - we can’t wait to see you in them and bet you will love it!